' Mega- Doodles' and other intuitive produce

I love to work in pen and ink,especially on beautiful paper.
 Spontaneous work with small details is addictive, I often find myself intensively and impatiently working through long nights not being able to stop myself or rest  because I can't wait to see what appears on the page at the end.

'Big Mama'
Pen on paper 55cm x 65cm



Marker on paper A6

'Water world'
Marker on card A3

marker on paper A4

'Relaxing figure'
marker on paper A4

'Grey eyes'
marker on paper A3

'Doodle world'
marker on paper A4

'16 flowerpots'
marker on paper A4

'6 flowerpots'
marker on paper A4

Colour marker on paper A4
 colour marker pen on paper A5
'Tree of abundance'
colour marker pen on paper A4
'Magic flying music tree'
 colour marker and artpen on paper A4
'Dancing derwish'
Edding pen on paper A4
art pen ink on paper A4
'Book of spells'
art pen ink and marker on paper A4
 Parker biro on paper A5
' Cat dreams'
Parker biro on paper A5

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