Backdrops and other stuff

This was painted for April 2012
The band was
the trippy, beautiful music went  perfectly and unexpectedly with my backdrop, I was really chuffed!

Following are samples of many backdrop projects for various Green congress meetings in Germany during the early 90`s before the days of digital photography. 
What a great job that was! We were a team of three and I always loved to do the details.. like the planet earth in the sunflowers...


This one was 23m long! we couldn't paint it all at once, the hall wasn't big enough, so you only get to see one part here.

 Again, earth in sunflower, a favourite theme in those days

  This was for one of the 'Pink,Punk,Pantheon' annual carnival reviews
 in the Pantheon theatre, Bonn, another great fun thing to do.. again.. some more detail work...

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