Art with kids

Let's get messy!

A small sample of different projects with varied age groups and techniques
scroll down and take in the creativity!

'finger painting' with the smallest, that was soo much fun!

Beachcombing and land art with 6yr olds on the Rhein beaches in Bonn

self portrait collage wall frieze

Indian elephants, part of 'around the world project'

'grafitti' decorating garden hut kindertagestätte mini-maüse

summer-club Alfter collage 'underwater' project

Summer-club Alfter wood project

On the road,this time in Sinzig working with wood for Kunst-Mobile-Bonn

Grundschule Röttgen after school art club
woodland spirits made from roots and branches we collected, covered with plaster band and painted until they came alive

exploring set design, making rooms and spaces in 3D

'This is me'  mixed media and collage,using hand prints as the basis

studies in monotone

Luisa,my private student, alwaysbut very brilliantly, painting her cats

Kindertagestätte mini-maüse
group work theme 'Dragons'

seasonal wall painting with reindeer and elves
It's fun to paint in a group, and standing up, everyone can paint where they like

 Realschule Köln Pühlheim
Making concrete name plate forms, project 'Beton'

ArtSmart, Amsterdam
collage crazy

Beautiful and restful mandala work

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