Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Work I did when I was a teenager

I recently was sent some photos of work I did when I was around 13/14yrs old in the UK in the 1980's which were bought by my best friends parents.
They were among the first things I ever sold and this really encouraged me to do more.
 I am glad this happened, as all the other work I did including the sketchbooks and first years of Art school were 'lost' mysteriously.. long story, so this is great to see the pieces again, I had totally forgotten what I had done and had no idea how good or bad the work was until I saw them again!

Self portrait?
 pastel on paper ca.1983/4?

The ash tree by the front gate
I played for hours under this tree when I was very small, when the boughs touched the ground, it was my 'house'
Oil pastel on paper ca.1983

 My favourite shoes
Oil pastel on paper ca.1983/4

Monday, 7 October 2013

ArtSmart Amsterdam

My new students explored travelling after using their imagination after looking at a postcard of Vermeer's 'Officer and Laughing Girl'
Once a picture was finished ( usually quite quickly) I surprised them by adding another sheet of paper to continue the story, and then another, sometimes the table got too small
Wonderful stories and even poems developed and I'm very proud of them!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


This little beauty is finally going to a new home! 
I'll miss it on my wall, it is one of my favourite pieces,  but now there's space for a new one! 
 I'd better get the brushes out to air..