Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Work I did when I was a teenager

I recently was sent some photos of work I did when I was around 13/14yrs old in the UK in the 1980's which were bought by my best friends parents.
They were among the first things I ever sold and this really encouraged me to do more.
 I am glad this happened, as all the other work I did including the sketchbooks and first years of Art school were 'lost' mysteriously.. long story, so this is great to see the pieces again, I had totally forgotten what I had done and had no idea how good or bad the work was until I saw them again!

Self portrait?
 pastel on paper ca.1983/4?

The ash tree by the front gate
I played for hours under this tree when I was very small, when the boughs touched the ground, it was my 'house'
Oil pastel on paper ca.1983

 My favourite shoes
Oil pastel on paper ca.1983/4

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